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The first part of 210 series PV module officially rolled off the production line

With the development of science and technology, solar street lighting technology has become more and more mature, and the quality is getting better and better. But no matter how good the product is, there is no problem. Solar street lights will have some common faults after a long time. Today, I wil

The ultra-high power 670 series PV module officially off the production line

2021-12-02 13:20:23

The 670W photovoltaic ultra-high power module series is a high power、high efficiency 、 high reliability and high power generation module product, suitable for large ground power stations and distributed industrial and commercial roof projects.

The 670W module uses the core technology of 210 series module, with MBB multi-main gate, high density assembly, non-destructive cutting and other most forward-looking innovative technologies, with low voltage, high series power and other core values, showing efficient and reliable product performance. Through multi-main gate technology and high density separation, the module efficiency can reach up to 21.6%.